Sharon Lakes Memories

Shalom Family!

Do you remember our yard sale and fish fry days at the old Tabernacle? People really looked forward to those plates and the yard sales seemed to always do very well! Praise Yah for the fundraising opportunities, past and present!

We remain in prayer as we petition Elohim to continue providing the means to sustain our place of worship and learning; eventually allowing us to be able to fully secure the Tabernacle as our own.

As we continue working to secure the blessing that has been given to us at 9908 Monroe Rd. Let’s take a peak at a few pics from the Old Tabernacle at Sharon Lakes showing how we work together as a Sinaitic family for the benefit of the Tabernacle.  Praise Yah for His many blessings!

**While we still sell plates via Matzah Shabbat meals for a fundraiser, our biggest current fundraiser is volunteering at the Bank of America stadium for the Carolinas Panthers home games. All funds earned are for the benefit of the Tabernacle and we are always in need of volunteers. If you are able to donate your time for any upcoming home game please contact us. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.**


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May the blessings of Yah be with you and your family!



  1. Thanks for posting these memories sis! It helps everyone see how our effort help our congregation grow and sustain. It should also show us how far we’ve come from our efforts and will hopefully convict folks to volunteer their time so we can remain in a clean and stable environment. It takes a village to achieve goals sometimes and this is one of them. I’d like to encourage every able bodied person to find the time to give back to the place that Elohim graciously and generously provided for us to come and reverence Him and learn how to obtain peace in this unstable world. This is the one place in the community we can find peace, wisdom, security, understanding, love and safety. What more reasons does one need to volunteer a few hours a month to give back?

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    1. Shalom Sis! I echo your thoughts! Together we can do so much. We’ve come a long way since I’ve come into the culture and been a part of Tabernacle Elohim. We will continue to do great things if we stick together and contribute our time for the benefit of the Tabernacle. Our Tabernacle is like a 2nd home and we have to take care of it as such.


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