Wrap Sale Success !!

Shalom Family!

We had an amazing time yesterday at the Tabernacle Wrap sale! Words can not express how beautiful the wraps were that were on display. There were mens wool scarves and tons of solid, print and paisley scarves for women. There will definitely be some beautiful crown coverings on display in the coming weeks and I can’t wait to see some of the creative ways the sisters utilize the wraps to cover their crowns.

The wrap sale was such a success that the plan is to do another wrap sale in the spring. If you have suggestions for colors or prints you’d like to see please comment on this post and the organizers behind the wrap sale will do their best to accommodate. We took lots of pictures, though it doesn’t do justice to the soft feel of the material and the beauty of the designs. Check out the pictures and stay tuned to a future post on different styles to do for your wraps.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

May the blessings of Yah be with you and your family!



    1. Shalom Sis! Yes, tons of options indeed. The next major sale will be in the spring, and I can’t confirm but the leftover wraps may be brought to the tab once more before then.

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    2. We had so much fun! Sisters, do not miss the next one! We heard the words, “I’m so excited more times that we could count!” The Spring Sale will be sure not to disappoint. There will be several spring colors to choose from. We can’t wait to do it again! Please reply with any suggestions for colors or prints. Thank you to all the sisters who helped to make this event a success!

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  1. Just fantastic! These scarfs are spectacular! Sisters, I am telling you, if you were not able to attend the sale at this event , please don’t miss the next one. House of Dan, thanks for making this event possible! The Tabernacle is so appreciative of your support and love ❤️. Looking forward to wearing my new scarfs this week! 😍

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  2. There were so many patterns and colors to choose from! I can’t think of anything I wanted that I didn’t see, and I’m definitely looking forward to the spring season selections. Future posts on wrap styles is an awesome idea, can’t wait to see those 😁


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