Is it a good time for water?

Shalom Family!

Our bodies are made up mostly of water so it’s alway good to replenish and drink water to help our body operate in it’s normal bodily functions. But did you know that there are times that drinking water can be even more beneficial? Health is wealth so if coordinating your water drinking time will increase health benefits, that’s definitely a win!

Check out the below chart and see how drinking water before or after certain activities can help boost your health!




May the blessings of Yah be with you and your family!


  1. Thank you sis! Many think it’s not important to drink as much water during the cold weather because we don’t sweat as much. However, we still need to make sure we are drinking between 6-8 glasses per day to prevent dehydration, no matter what the outside temp is.

    Yah bless you and thanks again for sharing. 😚

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