Numbers Monologue

Shalom Family,

This past Shabbat, we began the book analysis for Numbers. Prior to beginning the chapters, Arieyah provided a thorough monologue that breaks down what we’re going to be studying in the upcoming chapters. The monologue has been transcribed below for your reference.


Book: Numbers     Author: Traditionally ascribed to Moses

*Numbers is the 4th book of the Torah

  • It is the book that obtains it’s name from the numbering of the people that occurred at Mount Sinai (Chapters 1-4) and later in the plains of Moab (Chapter 26)
  • It derives it’s English name from the Latin vulgate = Numeri, derived from the Greek word for number or numbering, Arithmoi
  • The Hebrew title for this book is Bamidbar, meaning “In The Wilderness”
  • The book begins with numbering the males that are able to go to war, then the numbering and appointments of the Levites – hence, Numbers.
  • Numbers technically falls into three separate categories
    • Beginning with the opening chapter up until Chapter 10, the book covers events that occurred when Israel was at Mount Sinai.
    • The second part covers 38 years of history while dwelling in the wilderness concluding at Chapter 21
    • The final part up to Chapter 36 covers events that would lead them up into the promise land
  • There are three motifs one can ascertain from the book of Numbers
    • The revelation of Yah’s personality, which is what we’re always looking for, based upon how He addresses those who intend to subvert His agenda and leaders
    • Land inheritance
    • Sanctifying the Nation as a holy people
    • These three concepts will emerge as an analysis is performed on each chapter
  • The book of Exodus 19:1 reveals Israel’s arrival in the Sinai wilderness in the third month after their sojourn from Egypt.
  • From the third month up until the twelfth month they received, as we studied in Exodus and Leviticus, the Decalogue – the book of the Law and the instructions on the building of the Temple.
  • Then in the book of Leviticus, the ordering of the Sacrifices and the Sanctification Laws
  • Now here in the book of Numbers, Israel will learn how to function as a community.  We will have religious laws and expectations explicated in this book along with civil military structure established where they can function and worship and move as a nation.


May the blessings of Yah be with you and your family!


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