Take One Step…

Shalom Family!

Our Elohim is always faithful to us and the closer we get with Him, the closer he’ll come to us. We get closer to Him by being obedient to His word. If you read and study His word followed by application in your life, you’ll see the difference that His will has in your life while managing the day to day in the world.

As reminded by our Moreh, study your Shabbat notes and familiarize yourself with Yah’s word. Not only will studying help you increase your biblical knowledge for application in your life, but IF ASKED, you’ll be better equipped to direct others to scripture when they have questions pertaining to Yah’s word or the Sinaitic culture.

You can never go wrong with the word of Elohim so study those notes and APPLY!

May the blessings of Yah be with you and your family!

1 Comment

  1. PRAISE YAH for blessing us with His unadulterated truth to walk and grow in. Without Him, we are nothing. Yah bless our Moreh for his diligence in setting an example for us and for guiding us accordingly. May Yah also bless our brothers and sisters dedicated to His word for the reminders and the support they continue to share with us. We are truly blessed as sons and daughters of His covenant.

    THANK you for sharing sis!


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