River Jam Run

Shalom Family!

Thanks to Sister Amariyah for sharing this info. If you’re a runner or just simply interested in getting in a 5k or more, there’s a great opportunity to participate in some races at the Whitewater Center. Check out the details below:

River Jam Run

Thursday night means it’s time to hit the trails. Take your weekday run off-road in this weekday trail race on the second Thursday of every month from May until September. Each race in the series will feature a 5K(ish) and 10K(ish) distance.

Awards will be given to the winners of each race as well as the winners of the series overall. To be considered for the series title, participants must race a minimum of three races of the same distance. Following the race, hang out and enjoy live music at the River Jam concert series.

RECOVER hoodies will also be given out to anyone who completes all 5 River Jam Run: Race Edition Events.

Date – Second Thursday of each month (May – September, 2018)
Distance – 5K-ish and 10K-ish
Time – 6:30 p.m.

Race-Day Registration

Happy running! May the blessings of Yah be with you and your family!



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