S.O.S. Performance

Shalom Family!

The Sounds of Sinai, under the direction of Brother Urieyah (a.k.a. Professor), recently had the honor of performing at the 2nd annual Hebrew Israelite Awards in Memphis Tennessee. Not only did they perform, but they brought back the award for:

 The Best Hebrew Gospel Group

Praise Yah! What a beautiful musical ministry we have to be able to sing unto Yah and touch so many lives with heartfelt lyrics that not only lift up the name of Yah, but musically introduce Yah to those that don’t know him and allow the ones that do an opportunity to rejoice.

    Check out the (3) videos below from the Hebrew Israelite Awards and listen as hundreds of other Hebrew assemblies sing along to tunes from both the 1st album, Monotheism, and the 2nd album, Sovereign .







Both CD’s from the Sounds of Sinai, Monotheism & Sovereign, are available on most music streaming platforms. The physical CD’s can be bought by contacting the administrator at NCCI Tabernacle Elohim (Contact information for the tabernacle is on the side bar)

May the blessings of Yah be with you and your family!


  1. PRAISE YAH for his musical Ministry being shared and loved by so many. May this ministry continue to plant seeds both home and abroad and let Yah be glorified. Thank you so much for sharing sister! This is great news. 🙂

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