Fellowship (Behind The Scenes)

Shalom Family!

Everyday that Yah provides is a great day! My personal favorite day is the Shabbat, maybe I’m a bit biased…lol. I LOVE coming together with my Sinaitic family to learn the lessons needed to secure our own salvation and be a better servant. Every week there’s something new learned in class and no one thing is heard the same the 2nd time around.

Sometimes after class, some people will stay behind for an impromptu fellowship. We laugh, converse about Yah, listen to music, watch the game (NBA or NFL, depending on the season), we play cards (Uno or Spades mostly, but Spades is usually the dominant game) and on the yummy side we eat! Sometimes we all pitch in to get some grub (clean grub of course…lol) and sometimes folks just get the urge to cook and whip something up in the kitchen.

Check out some behind the scenes of a recent fellowship that happened after class. It was pouring down raining outside but the sisters prevailed in preparing the food (you’ll see what I mean). Fun, Family and Food…


IMG_1187IMG_2689IMG_5275IMG_4305IMG_5588IMG_2260IMG_2732IMG_3818IMG_9204IMG_7368IMG_0462IMG_8034IMG_4423 3IMG_1747

Hope you enjoyed the pictures/video 🙂

May the blessings of Yah be with you!


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