BOA Stadium Fundraiser

Shalom Family!

The Bank of American Stadium Fundraiser is a great initiative that is part of what helps to sustain our Tabernacle. We have 3 stands that we manage during all home games in the stadium and we need volunteers to man each station.

Though we work, we have fun too! As a tabernacle family we band together and get the job done! Take a look at some pics from today’s season opener home game:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Check out the remaining home games in the flyer below (Home games are in Bolded Black). If you can lend your time, please contact Sis. Katriel at and volunteer. All proceeds benefit the wellness of Tabernacle Elohim.


Hope to see you behind the stands at an upcoming game. May the blessings of Yah be with you and your family!




    1. Haha! I definitely am the Tabernacle Paparazzi…lol
      Amaziyah sent these pics to me she did take some great pics!


  1. Idk where I was when you came to snap pics, I hate I missed it! Call me sentimental, but I think that when we’re all working together for a common goal, it makes for a great family bonding and fellowship experience outside the tab. We definitely get to have some fun while putting in work. Plus, those fans can be very entertaining!

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    1. Shalom Sis, I feel the same. There’s definitely a family bond and fun! We’ll have to make sure you get in the next set of pics, there will be more 🤗


    1. You’re welcome sis! We have 1 food stand and 2 beverage stands and we just sell the items and get a percentage from the sales. We also get to keep all the tips received. It’s a easy way to gain funds for the Tabernacle, but it takes “bodies” to fill the stands up and do the work. We do have fun though and we are fed, which is always good! 😉


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