9/15 Shabbat Convocation

Shalom Family! With Hurricane Florence making landfall today (9/14) on the east coast and Charlotte experiencing the residual effects of the storm, many have wondered if the tabernacle will be open for class tomorrow. To alleviate any confusion, with Yah’s will Tabernacle Elohim will be open tomorrow (9/15) for our 11:30 AM Shabbat convocation (barring any unforeseen circumstances). I trust everyone will make appropriate decisions when considering travel and will do what is best for themselves and/or their family.

Remember, you can always enjoy the Shabbat class via our live streaming link!   http://cdn.audiovideoweb.com/lnks/play/il81flslive3252

Finally, I send encouragement to those in the path of the storm and hope for everyone’s safety. May Yah bless and keep you! 

Shabbat Shalom!


  1. All Praises to YAH I was able to make it! so happy I did the teaching was edifying, my teacher Arieyah is such a blessing to me.


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