Health Awareness

Shalom Family!

As we know, health is very important! We are challenging each sister and/or brother to share at least 1 method of health advice that has been beneficial to them and in return can be helpful to others!

Sisters/brothers can submit a favorite exercise that promotes good aerobic and/or cardio activity, healthy recipes, ways to relax and become stress-free, etc. Let’s promote a Healthy lifestyle in order to obtain whole life wellness and peace!

We will also feature helpful health information on the home page for you to review and apply to you and your families lifestyle as you see fit.

We want this information to be edifying to everyone; sharing YOUR healthy life style secrets can be encouraging and life changing to others. Please submit your health secrets in the comment section below!

“Therefore, whether you eat or drink, whatever you do, do all to the esteem of Elohim” (1Cor 10:31)



  1. A fantastic full body exercise that requires no equipment, (that I find divine) is the Burpee. And as the article below states — It works every BIG muscle in your body & raises your heart rate, providing a [supreme] toning and cardio workout! Check this link out to see if this exercise is for you, remember using proper form is key to staying healthy…
    Like it? Here is a workout to get you started – Every minute on the minute (EMOM) for 5 minutes, do 5 burpees. Whatever is left of each minute rest. When the new minute begins, do 5 more burpees. (Modified workout from the article!) Once you complete this workout you will have completed a total of 25 burpees in 5 minutes and increased your heart rate tremendously! Pretty good workout for only 5 mins, huh? Tell me what you think?

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  2. Pilates is an excellent full body workout that uses mostly body weight. It can be modified to all fitness levels so everyone can benefit. It focuses on the core, builds lean muscle and increases flexibility. It can easily be done in the comfort of your own home so no gym membership is needed and i only takes about 20 minutes a day. Windsor Pilates is the type I use frequently. You’d be surprised at how 20 minutes a day can really help strengthen you!

    Your body is your temple and worth the investment. Love yourself. 😙


  3. Preventative Care! Most of us get medical attention when we have aches and pains, but what about preventative care! The two efforts below can be life-saving! Early detection is the best prevention!

    1. Check-ups: In addition to visiting a physician when an illness or injury occurs, annual or bi-annual check-ups allow your doctor to monitor your diagnostic readings (heart rate, blood pressure, etc.) and, if necessary, prescribe medication and/or treatment to bring these readings up to healthy levels.

    2. Routine Tests and Exams: Particularly crucial for middle-aged and elderly patients, routine tests and exams check for chronic diseases and infections such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

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  4. Preventive care is way better than Reactive care. Take care of your body now and you minimize the worry of dealing with unnecessary sickness. Great information Sis!

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