Shalom Family!

Last night we kicked off one of our biggest fundraising initiatives, volunteering at the Bank of America Stadium during the Carolina Panthers season. By generously donating our time we in turned are blessed from the proceeds that benefit NCCI. We encourage everyone that has the availability to, to sign up for one or more of the games that will be held this season.

Come ready to work, because work it is, however it is also a great opportunity to work with your Sinaitic family and friends. Teamwork is the theme of each game that is worked because through all of the hiccups and malfunctions that may occur, overall we have fun and we stick together for the greater cause. If you are interested, please contact Sis. Katriel at

Until next time, check out these cool pics we snapped at the Fan Fest event. We had a late start so I was only able to snap pics at one stand, but there were two stands of hardworking volunteers last night. Kudos to everyone who helped out!

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See ya at the next game!

May the blessings of Yah be with you and your family!

Volunteers Needed!

Shalom Family!

It’s that time again! Our Bank of America Fundraising Initiative at the Panthers Stadium begins this Friday (Yom ShiShi), August 4th. The Carolina Panthers are starting off the season by having their annual Fan Fest and we need all hands on deck to man our assigned stations.

**Arrival time at the stadium this Friday is 3:30pm, if you will need to be late, please contact Sis. Katriel to make arrangements.** 

There are new rules in play this season and there are some steep fines for any ‘”i’s” that are not dotted and any “t’s” that are not crossed!

With that said, please be sure to contact Sis. Katriel at if you are able to volunteer at the stadium for this Friday or any upcoming Panther Stadium events. We need a minimum of 18 volunteers at each game!

If for some unforeseen emergency you are not able to volunteer after you have already committed, please let Sis. Katriel know no less than 24hrs from the day of the event.

**Volunteer lists have to be turned in the Tuesday of the week of the event or fees are incurred for us so please be sure to contact Sis. Katriel sooner than later***

Dress Code –  We have new shirts this season (they’ll be provided) and bottoms worn can be either black or khaki pants. Shoes must be either all black, white or tan. No jewelry (stud earrings are allowed). We will also be wearing the same visors from last season, so if you have one you may wear it.

NCCI is sustained through free-will offering via charitable giving and fundraisers. Thank you in advance to everyone who has volunteered or will be contributing their time this season. If you have any questions, please contact Sis. Katriel at

May the blessings of Yah be with you and your family!